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The Dreamscapes collection comes to life in collaboration with quiet places with hidden stories. As I tune in to a landscape and my own experience in it, an intuitive process of painting reveals a story through colors and brush strokes. This flowing way of creating is abundantly rewarding, and the resulting art is my most authentic “work.”

In an exploration of techniques, from atmospheric to impressionistic, I often make use of unconventional tools to create marks and to smooth, such as palette knives, stones, fingers, and cloth.

The Dreamscapes collection is created with heavy body acrylic inks on 100% cotton watercolor paper. I nestle each original painting in a lovely reclaimed frame, thoughtfully matched and carefully restored. Original artworks are matted and ready to hang.

Desert Winds painting with reclaimed frame

“Desert Winds” finding its home


The Dreamscapes collection is

Shop the Collection

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