Lisa Barry is a graphic designer, painter, and storyteller living in Silver Spring, Maryland. A live events graphic designer by trade, she gained footing in a boutique production company in Washington, D.C. in 1999. Freelancing since 2007, she is also a creative project manager and producer for national and international events. In 2020, as live events went temporarily dark inside a global pandemic, Lisa leaned into her young Ecopsyched! initiative, upcycling trashy treasures from the trails into art. She established Lisa Barry Art in 2022 for her finer art. A life-long nature enthusiast, Lisa leads Ecopsyched! story circles for adults and Sierra Club outings. She holds a B.A. in Visual Communications and an M.A. in Expressive Ecopsychology.

Lisa Barry in the forest


I was born in rural Maine into a simple and happy life. I spent my days “saving” baby mice in the loft of our old barn, rearranging a fort made of pallets that I built with my sister, and exploring the deep woods surrounding our home. Indoors, I was often dreaming up my short stories and fine-tuning my illustrations.

When I was nine, my family moved to Maryland. I became rooted in a new landscape as I romped around the hills of Appalachia with my friends, peering into abandoned shacks and building more forts. My world continued to expand in high school with a year living in Zimbabwe with my parents. Fast forward to adult life and I’ve hopped around the globe, for fun and as a live events graphic designer. I have my heart set on more adventures in storied places.

I’ve been creating art since I can remember, my outdoor adventures my strongest inspiration. As an adult, I often immerse myself in landscapes to paint their hidden stories and emotions I experience within them. During art-making, I lean into the joy of intuitive puzzle solving and celebrations of our wild connections.

I am also passionate about upcycling. It’s pure fun for me to antique and thrift shop and revive beautiful frameworks for my paintings. My reclaimed frames are as much a part of my original art as the storied paintings inside them.

My highest joy as an artist is sharing my creative expression with others. I hope you’ll find curiosity and delight in my art each time you visit with it on your enchanted walls. I’m grateful for your company, support, and humor in this wildly creative life we live.

Extra bits

  1. My favorite wake-up call is the resident chunky chipmunk chirping on my deck.
  2. Every spider (ant, moth, stink bug…) makes its way out of my home alive.
  3. When channel surfing, I usually land on true crime or the lesser crimes of Mayberry.
  4. I have a solid case of analysis paralysis with new ventures, but I won’t think twice about hopping on a plane to Iceland tomorrow if you’re game.
  5. I’m an outings leader with the Sierra Club and a storyteller at

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