Day One: Getting Real

They say you’ll most likely never feel ready, and to just START WHERE YOU ARE in the process. By “they,” I mean artists who have created a sustainable living from their artistic endeavors. I follow and learn as I wrap my head around the business side of this creative venture, something rarely taught in art school.

They’re right. I could spend another year overthinking whether I should set aside perfectly good billable hours for this risky passion project. I could toil away on this website until all my creative time is soaked up in dotting “t”s and cropping pixels. But those hours add up to time spent not doing it – not collaborating with others, not evolving in my art, and not meeting you.

So, here I am, covered in dust in the desert, wishing I was posing in a flowing dress with a captivating painting. And I type now, before emerging from my bedroom and pjs, effortlessly writing the real stuff after opting out of my search for “best blog topics for artists.” Because even the beautiful images I intend to share along the way will be quietly marred with hours of overthinking. And I expect you’ll know that, because we all LOSE GOOD TIME aspiring to be the beautiful, curated content we see online. Just remember how we revel together in the raw, “get real” posts others bravely share of themselves that give the rest of us permission (as if we need it) to be our perfectly authentic selves. We’re literally BORN OF STARS (the celestial kind), for crying out loud. We’re amazing from day one.

Lisa Barry in the desert with brushes

As long as I can find my brushes on the trail, I’ll be sharing my creative adventures with you!


Thank you for the gift of your company along the way.



2 thoughts on “Day One: Getting Real

  1. June Krupsaw says:

    Love to hear about your thoughts and process. Wish you lived by me and took my daily walk. It must be similar around you. So many tall grasses this years due to so much rain (where I am at least). I will send you things I follow seasonally. I just do it even if I don’t have time to ‘edit.’ May you thrive in selling your art (I already believe you are a naturally good artist) but historically without a ‘handle’ to grab not just attention but a desire to own something or a revolving ‘show room.., it’s a tough business. At least no gallery/dealer/agent is taking 50% off the top and then you still have to minus expenses. Still, your ethereal productions are enticing (and actually the first one reminded me of what W found re the new images on the telescope taking pictures of outer space. Brilliant; the star stuff is you. Part of every kind of cell, organ and process. Enjoy the process and I wish you the best.

    • LisaBarryArt says:

      Hi, June.
      Thanks for reading my post and sharing your thoughts. Yes, art is a tricky business, but the opportunity to be creative for a living is worth every effort. I hope to have experiences across the board—selling on my own, working with galleries and showing in small coffee shops (love, love this idea), art fairs, etc. I look forward to experiencing it all. Ideally, my collectors have a chance to visit and connect with my art to inspire their purchases. Thank you for your well wishes for this creative adventure!

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