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Little Joys

I’m overjoyed to share this collection of tiny, happy adventures with you.

The Little Joys collection comes to life through the playful antics of a young girl and her beagle best friend. Their fresh-air adventures are simple and full of joy. There is nothing more pure than bare feet against the earth and true friendship.

The Little Joys collection of tiny prints (each averaging 5 in x 5 in) evolved from a petite journal of watercolor paper. I began experimenting with acrylics on its heavily-textured pages and discovered my own joy in painting on a small scale. I cut several pages from the journal and coated each with simple color gradients. Places appeared in the color as I moved beyond the white canvas.

First born in the Little Joys collection was “After the Rain.” With its golden hue background, this tiny painting would become an ode to the warm glow of gas-lit streets and their illuminated inhabitants. Expectations of city buildings dissolve into the background, as the joy of outdoor play and friendship takes center stage in this nostalgic scene.


The Little Joys collection is created with heavy body acrylic inks on textured 100% cotton watercolor paper. Each original painting finds its home in a unique and light-weight reclaimed barnwood frame. So authentic is the wood of these frames that its storied imperfections complement the timeless adventures of our Little Joys best friends.

Original artworks are matted and ready to hang.

“After the Rain” finding its beautiful barnwood home


The Little Joys collection is here!

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